The Journey to Self-Discovery Begins! (I’m Just a College Grad trying to turn Impossible to Possible.)

passion led

            I’m on a journey to self-discovery and finding my place in life. Since the age of 19 I’ve always said that I want a career and not a job, and that’s why I went to college. Little did I know that after 2 degrees I would still be this lost and this stuck. I am determined to make it in this world! I don’t know how it’s going to happen or when it will happen, but it WILL Happen!! I will post about my journey to success and the bumps along the way. There will be a lot of trials and errors, and some disappointments, but that will make the end results that much sweeter. If it was easy, it wouldn’t be as appreciated. The stress and anxiety I feel now won’t always be there.

          Thank you for joining me on this journey towards reaching success. To all the people who are in the same boat I hope these posts make you feel like you’re not alone. It might seem like everyone around you has it together, but there’s a lot of us out there who are just as confused. I’m in the hole over 100k in school loans, but I refuse to be in debt for the majority of my life. Join this journey with me and together we will PREVAIL!!!!!


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