Finding Motivation … (What’s your motivation?)


          What motivates you? Sometimes we all need a little something to help push us through the rough times. Some people find motivation through their kids and others might find motivation through their past circumstances. I hear a lot of people with kids say that they are pushing through for their kids because they want them to have the best. I could understand that. I don’t have kids, but I can see how that would motivate you. Others might have grown up poor for the majority of their lives and they find motivation to be successful because they want more in life. I didn’t grow up poor, but I know what it was like to go from middle class to upper middle and then down to borderline lower class. My family’s income took a dive during my college years. I felt partially responsible. I feel like if my parents didn’t have children they wouldn’t be in this situation. Between helping with my school fees and playing such an active role in helping with their grandkids they didn’t really have the time to live for them. We might have not been the reason for the change in income, but maybe they could’ve built a safety net if they didn’t have us. It’s one of the reasons why I am afraid to have kids.

          Which brings me to how I found my motivation. I want to be a success, so I can pay them back. I want them to feel like they made a good investment and give them what they gave me. They did everything they could so I could go to school. Seeing how hard it is for them now breaks my heart. I want to see the day where I can help them, and I’ll get to be the superhero like they have been for me. God blessed me with awesome parents, and they’re one of my most valuable treasures. Another valuable treasure that pushes me is my husband. Since I have been out of work he has stepped up and put the whole load on his back. I feel guilty and I wish I could ease the stress during the rough times. I appreciate him for understanding the situation and I hope that one day I can do the same. I want to swoop in like Batman and help all the people I love. I want to show my gratitude and let them know that everything that they did was not in vain. I don’t want to let them down. I just want to take the burden off of them.

          Loved ones definitely play a role in motivating me to keep going in this crazy world, but there’s also other things that motivate me as well. My school loan debt is over six figures. I do NOT want to be paying on my student loans until I am old and gray. I don’t even want to be paying loans in 10 years. I know some people might think that I’m crazy, but I do believe that I won’t be. I feel that what we believe is true is more likely to happen, so thankfully I don’t believe that I will. The last thing that motivates me is typical wants and desires. It’s not a deep reason and it might come across as materialistic, but I want to have the means to travel. I’ve always been a person who loves to travel and see new places. Not only do I want to travel, but I want a nice place to rest my head. I’m already in a nice place, but I’m talking about a condo on the highest floor. I’m obsessed with views and modern décor and I hope that I can reached that point where I can have that and live comfortably.

So, what motivates you? Where do you find your motivation? A lot of us don’t have children and some don’t have love ones who are close to them and it might be hard trying to find motivation. When you can’t find it that’s when you need to dig deep inside of yourself and think about what you really want. If you have goals, then those goals can be your motivation. If everyone doubted you and thought you wouldn’t amount to anything then that could be your motivation. Don’t let no one stop you from believing in yourself, not even you. I know sometimes we can be our worse critic. We need to protect our dreams. I don’t tell anyone what I’m working on because I want to protect my dreams, and I don’t need outsiders criticizing and picking apart my dreams and ambitions. It’s okay to be your biggest cheerleader. Nobody is going to want to see you succeed more than yourself.


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