Who am I? (Stumped Interview Question)


         Who are you? That was one of the questions that I received during one of my interviews. It was the one question that stumped me. I couldn’t even come up with a BS answer. I preceded to tell him that I was a recent grad and that’s when he stopped me. He said “No, I’m not asking what you do. I’m asking who you are.” I had no idea how to answer that. I’ve been in school most of my life and I had no idea who I was outside of school. Even when I was working I looked at myself as a student. Between all the college transfers and changes in majors it just became a huge part of me. It took me awhile before I got my bachelors and over two years to get my Masters. Once I finished I didn’t know who I was anymore. I’m just so used to being in school and always doing homework, and the feeling of not having school work felt odd. I got so lost in the rollercoaster of college I no longer recognized who I was. After that interview I pondered that question, so I could have an answer for next time. I couldn’t come up with anything. What has become of my life? Was I just this walking zombie whose life mission was to finish school, and now that I did I was left a complete mess. I thought finishing school would be the answer to my problems, but my problems escalated once a big piece of who I was disappeared. The student title was no longer there, and my identity went into question. I started to really think about me and who I use to be. After thinking about this for months I realized who I was.

          Who am I? I can honestly say I am this caring, kind-hearted, vibrant, indecisive, complex, versatile, awkward, whimsical, slightly competitive, weird, goofy, socially introverted person who can’t be forced into a box. I was always that girl with a thousand dreams. I always wanted to do multiple things and I didn’t have one passion that was bigger than the rest. I didn’t have a direct career path I just knew that I wanted to be happy and free. Whatever it is that I end up doing I just want to have a sense of freedom, like a world traveler or something. I’m a person who likes to laugh, act silly and get lost in creativity. I can get impulsive with my ideas and go at it 1000% but that fire easily fades, mainly because of my doubts and fears. I’m also an anxious person who’s filled with anxiety and worries a lot. I feel like I’m all over the place and I’m not sure where I will finally land. I can’t be defined. I’m too complex for that, but maybe that’s what makes me interesting. My life is like a story where the main character is just a mess and all over the place, but you want to see where she finally lands and if she gets herself together. Follow my journey to see where I land. It’s going to be an interesting ride. 😉


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