Going back to school again? Third degree?


         Hello Everyone! If you read any of my previous blogs, then you know how I have been having a hard time trying to find a job after getting my master’s degree last year. The job searching process has been a complete nightmare. I never knew how hard it would be to find a job. It’s even hard to get a callback. These last couple months I’ve been thinking about going back to school. I know what you’re thinking; “why would you dig yourself in deeper debt?” Well, I’ll tell you why. I got tired of Navient calling me, and repeatedly pushing back my payment dates. I needed to buy time (literally). There’re also a few classes that I wanted to gain knowledge in because I feel it might help me in a specific market that seems to be growing in my city. I registered for classes about a couple weeks ago and I start my new class soon. I’m extremely nervous to be back in grad school. If you read one of my first posts then you know how I had such a hard time during that last year of grad school. I was burnt out and I felt like I had a HUGE mental block. It became so stressful. I was working then so that probably made it worse, but it felt like my mind reverted back to a child and I could barely write complete sentences. It was a feeling I cannot even explain. I wonder if anyone has ever experienced that feeling before, or if it’s just me. I second guessed every sentence because nothing would sound right. I became really insecure about my writing. I would never let anyone read what I was writing unless it was for school and I didn’t have a choice. As you know grad school is a lot of papers and case studies, and I’m just hoping that I am ready. I graduated a year ago and I hope it was enough time to at least be somewhat comfortable with my work.

          One thing that will make things a little bit easier is the pressure won’t be as intense. I will be working on my MBA this time around, but since I already have a masters I won’t stress myself out as much. If I feel like it’s too much I can walk away and not feel bad about it. I don’t know if this is a huge mistake or just what I need at this point in time. I always felt like everything happens for a reason, even if I don’t understand it now. I feel like if we are on the wrong path in life then our paths would constantly redirect itself until we get on the right one. All I can do is hope that this decision doesn’t bite me in the butt, and something good will come out of it. I’m very nervous but I’m looking forward to my class and I hope I can learn a lot from it. Just another stop on this twisted journey of mine. I hope you will continue to follow my crazy journey to success. No matter what the situation currently looks like I will never stop. I will keep going until I reach success, and I hope you will too! 😉


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