Passing Life’s Tests


        People always say that our attitude and the way we choose to look at life is what determines our outcome. They say to always think positive because our minds are powerful. If we keep believing and stay focused on positivity, we will gain the things that we desire in life. In a lot of situations, it’s easier said than done. It’s hard to believe in a change of circumstances when you’ve been in the same situation for so long. It’s like when you see light at the end of the tunnel, but the light is so far away and the more you feel stuck the more it seems like you’re getting further from the light. How do you stay positive when your spirit feels like it’s constantly getting crushed?

        If you read my previous blogs than you know that I am a graduate who hasn’t had the best luck when it comes to finding a job after finishing school. My job search has never taken this long. Getting rejection letter after rejection wears you down after a while. In situations like this they always say to focus on the positive and look at the bright side of things. Change your way of thinking. In my case I would constantly think of different reasons why things don’t work out. Reason number one: It wasn’t the right job for me. It was meant for someone who needed it more. Reason number two: I wouldn’t have been happy there because I didn’t even want that job in the first place. Reason number three: There’s something even better out there for me. I would get into a funk and then always go back to one of those three reasons, but after awhile it’s hard to keep using the same excuses. After awhile you start to say to yourself “okay, something has got to give.”

        Most jobs I applied to are not the jobs that I really want, but after a while you have to expand your search because that’s what you have to do when you have bills. My school loans are six figures deep. I can’t wait for the perfect job to appear because I would be waiting for a very long time. Recently I saw a job ad that I thought was perfect for me. It was ideal for my situation. I thought it was the one. The reason why they other jobs didn’t work out. I met the qualifications and I thought this was finally it. I had positive thoughts and was so excited. Well earlier today I got a response and my application was rejected. I’ve built up a tolerance to these rejection letters, but this one hurt. I was truly disappointed because I felt like it was the one. I got into a funk immediately, and then I felt guilty for being upset. I thought that me feeling upset and disappointed was showing a lack of faith. I felt like I needed to stay positive, but it was so hard to not feel disappointed about this one.

        I gave myself a couple hours to wallow, but surprisingly I snapped out of it. I was watching an inspiring movie that made me look at it differently. Every day we have a second chance. Sometimes it’s hard to believe it will still happen for us once we reach a certain age. If we don’t have our life figured out by our late twenties, we feel like we’re so behind. (Too behind to catch up.) It’s normal to have a bad day or a bad moment. I’ve been stuck in this position over a year so of course I’m going to get down occasionally. I’m only human. As long as I don’t let it keep me down. As long as I don’t let it define me or break me down completely, I will be fine. It will make the end result that much sweeter. Life will constantly throw us curveballs and we will have disappointments in life, but we have to push through. What other choice do we have? If we stay down too long, it can consume our thoughts. Life will constantly test us, and we have to find ways to deal and beat it. Last year I would let things like this get me down for at least a week, but after a few hours I was okay. I know that I will be okay. It’s hard now, but I’m going to continue to think positive and know that something better is out there for me.


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