Revealing my Ridiculous Amount of Student Loan Debt.


       Today I’m going to reveal my student loans. The average amount of student loans that I hear people mention is around 30-35k. They feel sick about it, but I look at them as lucky. Student Loans are always a burden no matter how big the amount, but the size of my debt is catastrophic. I gave an estimate in a few of my previous posts, but today I’m going to reveal the exact number. I would honestly get sick looking at the amount, and what would snap me out of it is the belief that I would somehow reach my goals one day. I was always full of optimism and dreams, and that’s why I started this blog in the first place. It was to display my journey to success. I wanted people who are in the same boat as me to have a place where they can relate and believe that they can prevail as well. Obviously, my journey has been rocky and sometimes I have even had a hard time staying optimistic through all of this. Somehow, I always find myself believing again, no matter how many obstacles are stacked against me. Even I think I am crazy sometimes for believing that everything will work out, but it’s an inner feeling deep inside that I can’t explain. So here it is people! Here’s a screen shot of my insanely high student loan debt amount:


I know what you’re thinking. “Why is it that high?” “How is it that high if you’re not a doctor or lawyer?” “How did you let that happen?” “You need to be working 16-20 hours a day to pay that amount off.” I know, it’s outrageous. I wish I made better choices. I wish I didn’t change majors so much. As you might have read in my previous posts, sometimes I wish I didn’t even go to college. I wish I could get my degrees repossessed and have my debt erased. I would give them both back if I could get this heavy weight off of me. It felt great receiving my degrees in the moment. I thought they were going to be the keys to my success. Now you see people who didn’t even go to college make more than the doctors, lawyers and university professors. This upcoming generation has so much more opportunities now thanks to social media, which is great! But for the people who are already up to their neck in debt, what do we do?

       If you are a follower of my life blog, then you know what I’ve been doing. You know about my lack of callbacks, what happened when I finally got a job a few months ago, and most of the projects I been working on. You also know about me being with 4 job agencies and getting the run around with a lot of those weird online jobs (like those analyst and rater process). I’ve tried a lot of things during this journey and I shared every hardship with you all. I will continue to share every step of my journey. One day I will look back and reread all of these blogs, and I will understand why I had to go through what I went through. I know this path is just molding me and preparing me for success. In the meantime, I would like to share the link to one of my t-shirt stores. Every item purchased will go to my student loan debts. I created these tees with some of my favorite quotes that I like to remember to help keep me uplifted through this difficult journey. If you would like to support please click on the link below.

Here’s my link:

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If you can support then that’s amazing! Thank you so much! It’s highly appreciated! If not, I still appreciate you clicking on my post. Thanks for reading. 🙂 Have a blessed weekend!


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