2 Week “Go Getter” Challenge!

       If you read my post from earlier today, then you know how my 6-Week Challenge went. I will be starting another 6 Week “Better Me” Challenge next month, January 6th to be exact. If you would like to join me make sure you revisit this page at the beginning of next month. 😊 Since my last challenge didn’t go as planned, I decided to give myself one more challenge before the New Year. In the next 2 weeks I plan to start on my 2020 new year’s goals in turbo speed. I’m not planning on completing any of my long-term goals in 2 weeks, but I plan on getting a good start. I don’t want to wait for the new year to start. I want my goals to already be in motion. A lot can get done in 2 weeks. I just want to be in the swing of things, so that when I start my new 6-Week Challenge I will already be a good pace.

       I am ready for change. It’s been pretty crazy this year, and last year as well. But 2019 has been a tough one. I cried a lot of tears this year. I felt a lot of pain (physical and emotional). It’s been such a trying time, and I just want to end the year on a positive note. If you are a reader of my blog, then you know it has been a roller coaster. I try to share a lot and be transparent, but still keep some things private at the same time. In the end, I hope that anyone reading my posts feels like they’re not alone. One thing that sucks is feeling alone and misunderstood. My wish is for all of us is to get through this together! 

       During these 2 weeks, I want to indulge in self-love and mental health. I cannot be my best self if I’m not taking care of myself. I plan to eat better, and exercise more. I want to enjoy more active activities. I want to get back in the swing of drinking a gallon of water a day. As for my projects I really want to take it up a notch and give it all I got. I still apply to jobs often, but I can’t just twiddle my thumbs and wait. I still have dreams and that’s what I’m working on. I just need to be more consistent, and that’s what I hoping to accomplish. Wish me luck!

Feel free to tell me your progress in the comment section below! 🙂 


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