2-Week Challenge Results


Hello World! Just giving a quick update on the results of the 2-Week Go-Getter Challenge. This challenge was more successful than the previous challenge. Although I surprisingly received more bad news soon after I started. If you ready my previous post, then you know exactly what I am talking about. 2019 was an extremely difficult year, especially in the last 2 months. It was one of the worst years of my life. I hope and pray that the storm is over. I feel like I’ve been waiting to exhale for so long. As much as I would like to just crawl up under the blanket and hide from the world after everything that has happened, I know that now more than ever I have to really go harder this year. In spite of everything, I did finish the 2-Week Challenge strong. I didn’t get as much as I wanted done, but I worked on some projects and I lost a few pounds. I’m very proud of what I did accomplish during the 2 weeks, especially after everything that has happened.

If you’re a reader of my post then you know that I’m planning another 6-Week challenge that will start on Monday, January 6th. I will make another post giving more information about it later today. If you want to be apart of the challenge so we can do it together, make sure you look out for my next post. 😊


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