A Letter to the World. (Life Doesn’t Wait)


Dear World,

Today I had a moment of silence, reflecting on everything that’s been happening in the last few years. I couldn’t help but wonder why bad things happens so often. For the past few years life just seems extra tough, and I thought when so many bad things happen that maybe you will finally get thrown a bone. Maybe life will go easy on you. I also thought the same for the world as a whole. When multiple horrific situations constantly shake the world, maybe this will finally be the year of peace and tranquility. I guess I was being naïve. I’m not saying I’m a full believer in astrology, but my sign is known for its optimism and it’s often shown as a blessing and a curse. I get why they say it can be our weakness as well as our strength, because sometimes I feel like I’m in La La Land half of the time. I always believe that great things might happen in a way that might not be normal for someone who’s over the age of 20. I always thought that maybe life would go easy on you after going through so much, but the truth is life doesn’t stop for anyone. It’s truly up to us to make the most out of it. Life is saying I am coming in many forms so it’s up to you to make the most of it because you never know what I might do. You can have the brightest future and be the nicest and sweetest person in the world, but life will not bend to you because of those things. In a lot of situations, I realize how much I procrastinate. This year I’ve been trying to change that, and with the recent events it’s just more of a reminder. If there’s something that you want to do, then do it now. Start now! Life waits on no one. We have to make the most out of every second. One of my biggest fears is not reaching my biggest potential and not being able to help my family. I need to make the most out of each day. We ALL need to make the most out of each day. We can’t say we will be better people and we will go for our dreams, and then a week or two later go back to the way things were. Let’s spend more time with friends and family. Let’s prioritize our health and dreams. Let’s smile more and laugh often. Let’s stop putting off the important things and let’s be good people. Release any hate from your heart and just be open and understanding. Do something nice for someone. Let’s be the best people we can be and hope for the best. Life is scary and unpredictable, and sometimes that fear is paralyzing. It can make you want to crawl up under those covers and hide from it. As scary as it can be, we have to actually live, and stop just existing. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors, and if you’re not already living at your fullest potential, then I hope that you will start today. 😊

With Love,



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