March Challenge (Update)


Hello World!

This is just a quick update. I know I was going to start a challenge for the month of March, but after the last challenge I thought I should put it off until I decide on exactly what I want to do in life. I had too many projects I was trying to focus on, and I realized that it was too much for one person. I really tried to bite off more than I could chew. I don’t want to hinder growth, and I want to excel at a quicker pace. I cannot go as far as I want if I’m trying to master 20 things or more at once. I’ve always been a person of many interests, but it’s time to zero in on a couple things. So, my goal for this month is to focus on what I really want and hopefully by the month of April a new challenge will begin. I’m not going to give up on the things that I want. I’m just going to focus more on what I want right now and when (or if) I get to a comfortable place, I can start to add other projects into the mix. Aside from projects I am still focusing on my weight loss goals and mental health. I lost a few more pounds since the last challenge, and I’m currently in therapy to work on my mental. I did in fact put the job search on hold. I was a mess mentally and I just don’t want to carry that with me into a new work environment (if I ever happen to get a callback). I am still checking in with my doctor as well. If you read my past post about my last job and why I had to walk away, then you know about my back issues. It’s been a trying time. There’s been a lot of obstacles and I’m just trying to get through it without losing my head. Not to mention I’m still grieving and having a hard time with that. 2019 was an awful year and 2020 came in like a wrecking ball. If you’re not living under a rock, then you know what’s been going on in the world. It’s been crazy and pretty hectic. I hope for a bright rainbow after this 2-3-year long storm. I pray for the world and I hope that everyone will be kind to one another. Let’s look out for each other and be more selfless instead of selfish. Positive vibes to everyone and hopefully you will come back a few days before April and join me in a new challenge.

-XOXO Elle


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