May 2020 Challenge (Join Me!)


         It’s about that time. New challenge time! This month I want to do something a little different. I want to celebrate the small victories. I feel like most of the time we set big goals that can take a lot of time before we can achieve them, and during the process we might get discouraged. Let’s focus on the little picture during the month of May. What are your May goals? For the month of May I want to lose 7 pounds. I want to add 4,000 words to my book. I want to get 3000 XP points on my language learning game. I want to post weekly on both blogs. I want to read the bible weekly and try to remember to say my daily affirmations. I also want to declutter my kitchen. There are other small goals that I want to obtain concerning my projects that I’ve been working on, but for right now I want to keep that personal until I reach a certain point. All in all, I think all of my goals are very realistic and obtainable. I encourage you all to write down your small goals and when you complete them celebrate. Congratulate yourself and be proud. A win is a win. The small achievements count. Yes, we want to achieve the big picture goals, and we will within time. We will have our ultimate moment, but for the month of May, we will enjoy the small victories in the midst of the journey. What are your small goals for the month of May? Let me know in the comment section below! 😊


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