More Love <3 (That's what this World Needs)

circle of hope love 

    As I get older it feels like my eyes open up wider and I start to see things a little clearer. Our country is sick and has been sick for a very long time. It’s in desperate need of healing. After awhile it’s starts to get depressing, but every once in awhile I see people unite and stand together and it brings tears to my eyes. In those moments I find a little HOPE. It’s not too late for us as a nation. Break the silence! Don’t be afraid to speak up. We need a little more love in this world. We need more compassion. We need more understanding. We have enough hate in this world. Let’s spread love and give hope to the younger generation. In hope that they might live in a world that’s filled with more love, kindness and acceptance. Let’s be the change that we want to see.


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