Dear Good Guys … Don’t ever change!


       Yesterday I made a post for the ladies and today I just want to make a post for the good guys out there. I was inspired to make this post after watching The Bachelor Presents: Listen to your heart, and I also thought about the show Love is Blind. Sheridan (from The Bachelor) and Mark (from Love is Blind) were very similar in a lot of ways. They gave their hearts to these women who quite frankly didn’t deserve them. They were toyed with and they basically got taken for granted. I thought a lot about how things are when you’re a teenager. A lot of times you see good guys pour their hearts out and then the girl crushes him because it’s “too much” for her. The bad guy always seems more appealing when you’re young and don’t know any better. One thing that I hated to see was a good guy getting his heartbroken and then turning into the bad guy because he doesn’t want to feel that way again. I get that, but I just want to say please Don’t Ever Change! A good girl will come along to value you, and the ones that broke your heart will regret it. I’m not going to lie; I went through the whole “bad boy phase” as a teenager as well. I don’t know why we find it so appealing at that age, but one thing that confuses me is why some women still continue to go after that type of guy after they passed their early twenties. Maybe it’s a deeper issue there that only therapy can fix, but I don’t want good men out there to take it as a sign that they need to change who they are. I was fortunate enough to experience that feeling at an early age and I never went back to the bad guys. I can’t even understand why anyone (especially a grown woman) would want to deal with that. It’s like for some reason “Struggle Love” is glamorized, and some women feel like they have to be crying and in pain for it to be real or something. I don’t get it, but I do know there’s nothing like a man who loves hard, and who’s not afraid to be vulnerable. A man who loves you with all that he is and knows how to put his pride to the side. Everyone wants a Cameron Hamilton but doesn’t know what to do when one is in front of them.

       Good guys you may get overlooked sometimes, but when you finally find the woman who will appreciate you and love you the way you should be loved it’s all going to be worth it. That woman who missed out (we will call her Tammy since I am a Parks & Rec fan) will see you with her living your best life and she will be kicking herself. I guarantee you. You will come across her mind randomly for years and you will be the one that got away. While you’re happy with your new love, Tammy will be at home with a glass of wine listening to Back to December on replay by Taylor Swift while crying her eyes out. So keep being you and never change who you are. We need more good guys in the world. Maybe good guys go after the Tammys because they like the challenge, and maybe that’s why women do that as well. Maybe it feels like an achievement. I’m not sure, but I will tell you the same thing that I told the ladies in my last post: When you see those red flags get out of there! Find out what you really want and realize your self-worth. Don’t waste your time on Tammy, when there’s many women out there who will appreciate you. Tammy doesn’t see your worth, but she will know after you walk out that door. Stay true to yourself and keep being a great example. If you have a daughter, you will be a great blueprint when she gets older. Trust me, I know firsthand. The way my dad treats my mom taught me what a good man should be. I knew not to settle, because I knew what true love looked like because of them. So please, keep being the awesome guy that you are. In the end the good guy wins. 😉


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