Blogging isn’t Dead, but Life Blogs might be.

b l o g

       I know it’s late, but I just felt like posting tonight. I’m not even sure about what I want to say. I just felt like typing. My last two posts were a little random (compared to what I usually post on here), but I know it’s something a lot of people go through and I just wanted to talk about it. I was thinking about my life blog, and the reason why I initially started it. Months ago, I made a post stating the reason why I started this blog, and how now I was just going to use it as a personal journal to track my journey. I saw something today that mentioned how blogs were not dead, but life blogs were. Nobody wants to read about things like that because we have YouTube and other social platforms now. People would rather watch life vlogs than to read life blogs, and I get that. I may be a millennial, but I still enjoy reading. I even enjoy reading physical books, rather than eBooks on a tablet. I get that life is changing, and sometimes you have to change with it to connect with people. I would love to be a voice for other college graduates who are also lost and trying to find their way. That’s what this blog was supposed to be about. Supporting each other and trying to overcome this hump together, because when one finally achieves their goals it makes us all believe. It gives us inspiration and hope. I guess I would’ve connected better to people by video, but that’s not me. I’m authentic in every post, but I still like a little mystery. I know most people need a face and a voice to connect and relate, but I prefer my privacy. I’m an introvert who doesn’t crave the spotlight. I want success and I want to help others, but I am more of a behind the scenes person. I guess I am a decade too late, and that’s okay. Either way this blog will serve a purpose. It may not reach a lot of people. It might not turn into anything profitable, but I enjoy it. It’s like therapy. Writing about my journey is like a release. I get frustrated a lot, and I need to unload sometimes. I love finding old journals/diaries from my teenage years. It shows me where I was mentally during that time. Now I will be able to look back and see my growth every step of the way. This is my story. All of my roadblocks, setbacks and close doors will only make my success even sweeter. I can’t wait for the next chapter. Life blogs may be dead, but I’m keeping My Story alive. 😉


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