The Results of No Expectations!

      wild horses nb

       In my No Goals, No Expectations! post, I talked about how I was currently done with challenges and how I’m going to just stop with the expectations all together. Sometimes we come up with plans and goals and when we don’t achieve them or if we’re off by even a little, we get down on ourselves. So last month I went easy on myself. I told myself to try to do something towards what I want every day. If I do then great, and if I didn’t then that’s okay too. I don’t have any expectations or particular goals to hit. I just did what I wanted to do when I felt like it. There was no pressure, and might I add that I was the most consistent I’ve ever been. Maybe it was because I didn’t focus on 8 tasks a day, but I consistently worked on things that would ultimately get me to where I want to be in many areas of my life.

       I know that everyone is different. Some people thrive making weekly and monthly goals. They want structure, plans and charts to help get them to their destination. I think it’s awesome to have that kind of discipline, but one thing about me is that I love my freedom. I always resist when I feel like I’m forced to do something. In the words of Ron Swanson . . . . I do what I want. No, but seriously, sometimes we have to just get rid of what’s paralyzing us and trust ourselves. We have to find out what works best for us and take it from there. For now, I’m throwing out the rules and guidelines and I’m going to enjoy the ride. I’ve made so much progress since the beginning of June. I just want to keep on trotting like my inner wild horse.