100+ Days of No Expectations

A week ago, I made it past 100 days in my daily task notebook. In a couple previous posts, I mentioned how I was going to stop setting goals and writing up plans. “No Expectations” was my motto for the summer. I stated how I wasn’t going to put so much pressure on myself, because I’ve noticed when I do, things seemed to not go well. The last update that I posted (https://justgottamakeit.design.blog/2020/07/14/the-results-of-no-expectations/) I mentioned how it was the most consistent that I have ever been, and today that still stands. I am slowly adding things into my daily routine. I think before I was biting off more than I could chew and what I needed to do was make subtle changes one by one.

What works for others might not work for me and vice versa. I know for me I couldn’t juggle it all at once. I needed to get use to one thing before adding another to my plate. I always would try to jump right in with both feet, and I would just crash after a week or two. It was too much, and I realize that now. Sometimes I have to keep telling myself to relax and take my time, because I want to dive back in at times. I always want to speed up the process. If you’ve read all my previous posts then you know that I’ve been down for so long. I want to succeed and get closer to making that happen as quick as I can. I feel like I should be at a different point in my life and I often compare myself to others. I just need to focus on myself and I have to remember that everyone’s journey is different.

I have to block out all of the unnecessary noise. All of my doubts and fears that creep up every now and then. I have to focus on my own journey and continue to do what works for me. The truth is I am getting better every day. It might not be at the pace that I want, but I am getting better. As long as I am improving then that’s what matters. I can’t wait to see where I will be in another 3 months. Be sure to look out for another future update. 😊

The Start of my No Expectation journey: https://justgottamakeit.design.blog/2020/06/10/no-goals-no-expectations/


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