When it feels like your Dreams are taking the Scenic Route…

Way, Countryside, Day, Tree, Road, Landscape, Path

I heard a discussion the other day about how people are in such a hurry to get to where they want to be. They want things to happen instantly and they don’t want to put in all the time to make it happen. Sometimes it might seem like other people’s journeys are in the fast lane while your dream is taking the scenic route. In the moment it feels discouraging and your wondering what you’re doing wrong. It’s normal to want things to happen fast. We live in a country where things are becoming faster each and every year. We know longer feel the need to stop and smell the roses along the way. We all know what the Scenic Route is, but have you ever stopped and read the definition:

1.) A road or path designed to take one past a pleasant view or nice scenery. (Yourdictionary.com)

2.) A scenic route, tourist road, tourist route, tourist drive, holiday route, theme route, or scenic byway is a specially designated road or waterway that travels through an area of natural or cultural beauty. (Wikipedia)

3.) A longer way than usual, especially one that goes through beautiful or interesting areas – often used humorously. (ldoceonline.com)

We are so quick to get to where we want to be, we forget to enjoy the journey. It’s so easy to compare ourselves to the people around us, but we have to keep pushing. I am guilty of it as well. I feel like I am taking scenic routes for the scenic routes. I stress often about how things are not happening quick enough, because I feel like I am on this timetable. Maybe if I was 22 or even 26, I would feel more at ease and less pressured, but I guess I just feel like I should be where I’m supposed to be by now. What I am learning now is that I have to enjoy the process. I can’t get wrapped up comparing my journey to someone else’s. I’ve always felt like I’m trying to sprint while I’m running a marathon. It’s like I am in desperate need to catch up to where I think I should be. I just have to remember that I am on my own personal journey and it’s okay to enjoy the beauty along the way. I’ve always found that the success stories where people never gave up (even when people felt like they should) are the most inspiring. So keep pushing and keep believing. 😊


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