The Year of the Introverts

All my life I’ve always been an introvert. Sometimes I can somewhat come across as an extrovert when I’m seen around family and close friends, but majority of the time I am an introvert. During this quarantine majority of us have been stuck indoors and a lot of people have been going stir-crazy. I am perfectly fine with staying indoors. My husband always asks me how do I do it? How do I stay in all the time without going crazy? I simply say it’s easy. I enjoy being alone. I’m completely fine with spending time alone, and I’m never bored. I always find something to do whether it’s watching a new series, reading, researching, writing, baking, listening to music or listening to a podcast. I can even just sit and daydream. I understand why parents with young children would get stir-crazy. Children are a handful. But I can’t relate to extroverts with no kids who are itching to get out of the house. It just seems like there are many ways to entertain yourself, but I get that everyone is different.

Most of the time I actually envy extroverts, and their ability to just get up and go to events and outings without dreading it. When I’m asked to go out to a place with a lot of people or asked to meet new people, I get a lot of anxiety and I just want to think of a million excuses to get out of it. I am actually one of the sweetest people most will ever meet, but I don’t make the best first impression. People take my quiet stoic nature the wrong way. Sometimes I’m just a little awkward at first. I am not the type of person who can easily meet people and just start chatting it up, but I envied extroverts for that because it seems like life would be much easier if I possessed those traits. This is the first time that it pays to be an introvert. I feel like I’ve been preparing all my life for something like this. After years of being uncomfortable and forcing myself to do things that I hate, I actually get to do what I like. It’s been a crazy year but staying in has been the silver lining in the midst of the madness. It’s nice to have a little peace during all of this chaos, but I still cannot wait until things return to normal for the sake of everyone else.


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