Yearning for Small Town Freedom . .

       Today was a sit back and relax kind of day. I was watching a movie on Prime today and suddenly another movie came on, before I even noticed that the credits were no longer rolling. I had no idea what this movie was, but I decide to actually watch it. I’m indecisive a lot of the time so it was nice having Prime pick a movie for me. The movie was called Runaway Romance. It was about a girl who was in a high-profile relationship on a reality show. She realized that her boyfriend never genuinely loved her once the show ended their 2-year relationship because of low views. So, to escape the heartbreak and drama she runs away and ends up in an Amish town where she could finally feel free to be herself.

I see storylines like these all of the time. It always seems that people start to feel a sense of freedom once they end up in an Amish town or a small town. It’s like once you take away the distractions and city noise you are free to be yourself and you’re not easily caught up in the things that don’t matter. Earlier this year I posted a blog about my recent fondness of small towns. Sometimes I want to go somewhere where they value the important things. A place that’s not superficial and controlled by media standards. I want to be somewhere loving and accepting. I want to laugh more and worry less. Don’t get me wrong, I love larger cities and all that they have to offer, but I yearn for the type of freedom that you can’t get in most cities and larger towns. These days people focus more on trying to look happy rather than actually being happy. I just want to be somewhere that creates genuine happiness, and not a happiness façade.


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