This Keeps Me Motivated . . .

In honor of Motivation Monday, I thought I would share a tip that keeps me motivated. One thing that keeps me driven is my music playlist. I have a playlist that’s dedicated to songs that express where I want to be, or how I want to be. It’s almost like visualizing. Every time I work out, I play my playlist and zone in on the words. It makes me feel empowered and I feel like I’m ready to tackle my goals and take charge. There’s definitely a difference when I play my motivation playlist versus when I play one of my other playlists. It’s almost like reciting affirmations over and over. There is a lot of power in our thoughts, so it’s important to focus on positive things. Music can subconsciously have an effect on how we are feeling. Whether a song is sad, happy, angry or sensual it may have an effect on our current mood. So playing songs that express confidence, success and happiness is key. There are a couple songs that I have on my list about making it and fulfilling your dreams in spite of all of the naysayers. Those are some of my favorites, because it reminds me of all the people who doubt me and what it would be like proving all of them wrong. I also love the songs that talk about the feeling you have when you finally make it. I visualize how that moment would be, and just what it would be like after everything I been through. I could only imagine I would be overwhelmed with feelings of gratitude, shock and happiness. Whenever I am feeling like I’m losing motivation and I need a little pick me up, I turn to the playlist. 😉


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