My Ideal Quarantine Day . . .

        I’m kicking off the “Ideal” series today with what would be my ideal quarantine day. As an introvert I’ve spent many days indoors secluded, but I guess if I could plan the “perfect” quarantine day, I could add a little more to my usual day. First, I would like to be on the beach. I am obsessed with the ocean, or should I say obsessed with looking at the ocean. I could literally stare at it all day. I would want to be in a corner penthouse condo on the highest floor. I want the walls to be 50% glass, so I could have an amazing view of the ocean, but in the front have a nice city view. I actually stayed at a resort like that so that’s what I’m picturing in my head right now. It was a 2-bedroom penthouse condo. The master bedroom had an amazing view of the ocean, and the other bedroom had a nice view of the boulevard and boardwalk. It was one of my favorite spots, so that’s the kind of place I would like to spend my quarantine days.

I would like to start my day looking out at the ocean while drinking a nice cup of a Cuban 3-layer espresso. I would then curl up with an attention-grabbing book and a cozy blanket. During lunch time I would make a dish that I’ve never made before. I find experimenting and coming up with new dishes to be fun and therapeutic. Afterwards I would enjoy a nice soak in the jacuzzi while soft music played in the background. I would then apply a nice clay face mask while working on one of my creative projects. As dinner time approaches, I would relax and enjoy the sunset over the beach before takeout is delivered. I want a buffet of takeout foods scattered across the coffee table in front of a big screen t. Maybe I will be watching a couple movies with my other half, or maybe we will have a marathon of the Office. Either way you cannot go wrong with a “food, TV and cuddles” combo. 😁 The day would end with a glass of wine cuddled up on the couch with my love, and we would make our way to bedroom #2 (the one with the view of the buildings and boardwalk). We will end the evening with a little romance, as the panoramic view of city lights sets the mood for the rest of the night.😉 So, what’s your ideal quarantine day?


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