My Ideal First Date

        Continuing on with the “ideal” series, I thought it would be fitting to write a post of my ideal first date. If I had to think of a date that’s fun, special and leaves a lasting impression this would be my idea of that. I’m going to share my thoughts about two different dates, one where money is not a factor and the other is a low budget date. Now, let’s get to it. Date number one would be a combination of sports and good food. We would start the date off at an NBA game. I love basketball and what would be more awesome then going to a game together. After the game we would head to a pub. The type of pub that has amazing appetizers. Assuming that the date would be over after midnight, he would take me home and walk me to the door. For a low budget date, I would want him to put a little extra effort into romance department. The date would start off by him picking me up and opening my door. We would then head to a nice park. He would have packed us dinner, whether it was takeout or a homemade meal that he put together. We would eat dinner in a gazebo under the pretty blue sky. You know the kind of blue right after the sun goes down. He would lay out a blanket over the seat to make sure our clothes don’t get dirty. After dinner he would take out a Bluetooth speaker and play some soft music. We would start slow dancing in the moonlight as we laugh and have fun. Afterwards we would take a walk through the park and end the night with some ice cream. He would then take me back home and walked me to the door and end our evening with a goodnight kiss. Those are just two examples of two ideal dates. I’ve had a few first dates in my lifetime, and I’ve realized that it can be special as long as it’s memorable. If you’re on a low budget, you just have to up the romance and put some thought into it. Sometimes those can be the best dates. What is your ideal of an ideal first date?


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