My Ideal Proposal

I’m going to end the “ideal” series with my ideal proposal. I hear about this topic a lot, and I also hear guys always ask for ideas. They don’t know if it should be creative, grand, or intimate. There’s really no wrong or right answer, because everyone is different. You have to really know your partner and base it off the person’s personality. My proposal was intimate, and that’s what I prefer. I don’t want a bunch of people staring at me or screaming in my ear while rushing camera phones in my face. I would rather for it to just be me and him, and I’m glad that it was. Now if I had to come up with the perfect proposal just for fun (in no way to take away from my proposal) this what I would imagine as “ideal.” I would still want it to be intimate, just him and I. I would want it to be out of no where and me not having a clue. I love the idea of getting proposed to on vacation. It’s makes for a magical trip. Nowadays I see a lot of couples getting engaged in Greece, Italy, France or even on a Caribbean/transatlantic cruise, where your options are endless on and off the boat. In a beautiful intimate spot with a breathtaking view. Yes, that’s the ideal scenario, but it doesn’t have to be that grand.

My ideal proposal comes down to these two things, intimate with a beautiful view. I am a sucker for scenery. If you cannot travel far then what’s something your city/town have. Do you live in a beach city? Do you live near a lake? Do you have a lot of mountains where you live? If I lived near a beach I would want to be on a restaurant on a pier (there’s usually always a restaurant on the pier). I would want to be seated by the window to have a beautiful view of the ocean, and after dinner we would walk out to the pier and he would propose at the end of the pier as the sun goes down. If you’re in a mountain city you can go up into the mountains and go out to one of the coves and have a picnic. There’s usually always a cove where you can look out and see a beautiful view. There’s typically a picnic table in the area as well. If you want to go all out and add fireworks to the beach/lake/mountain scenario then that would be amazing and unforgettable as well.

In a perfect world it would be in a place like Santorini, Venice, Rome, Paris, Prague or my happy place (on a ship in the middle of the ocean). But the other options can be perfect as well, especially the beach. As I stated before, I am obsessed with ocean views. These are just what I consider perfect. Some people might prefer having all their family and friends there. Some people might prefer something as large as getting proposed to during halftime at a basketball or Football game, or even in the middle of a concert where hundreds or thousands can cheer you on. I would be mortified in that scenario. As an introvert who’s shy and has high anxiety I would probably want to drop and roll away to the exit, but to others that might be a dream. Some people would love getting proposed to at a landmark like the empire state building, statue of liberty, Hollywood sign or the space needle. Or in a hotel suite or a room in your own home that’s decorated with roses, candles and some champagne on the side. I think that’s the beauty of proposals; there’s no one size fits all. The possibilities are endless. There’s an array of options ideal for each person. What would be your ideal proposal?


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