Frustrated with the Pace of the Journey

Today I don’t have much to say. I guess you can say I’ve been a little down this week. Have you ever felt like everyone has the answers but you? It’s almost like there is a secret code that you have to crack, and everyone eventually finds the code except for you. That’s how I feel sometimes. I’ve been trying to find my way for so long now. I’ve been wondering what route I should take. I’ve been doing so well the past few months completing daily tasks, but the last 7 to 9 days It feels like I’ve been slipping. I guess it’s because I’m so far from the finish line I’m starting to lose focus. Maybe this is the time to push harder, but it’s hard because my energy is draining. I need a charger to get me going. I know there will always be good days and bad days. I guess I just have to keep pushing. I’m not sure if I’m not working hard enough, or if I’m just focusing on the wrong things. Sadly, I’m still trying to figure it out. I wish I was further along in my journey, but it is what it is. I just have to be consistent and hope for the best. For the rest of this week I’m going to make it my mission to do a little research on different tactics and strategies. Hopefully I will find what I need to help push me further along. 🤞


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