Cost of Living Rises

Is it just me or is the cost of living going up fast? I know it’s different in every city, but where I live it’s like homes are 100k more than they used to be a few years ago. You used to be able to get a really beautiful oversized home for around 300-350k and a nice decent home for around 200k. Now that kind of money won’t get you something grand. I wonder how it is in other cities. Even apartments are a lot higher than they use to be, that’s why most single people have roommates here. Just so you know the pay is also very low here. I feel like I should let that be known since I know a lot of big cities look at 500k homes as cheap. Whereas in my city, 500k is definitely upper class. The average home in a decent neighborhood was about 130k, and now it’s probably around 200k.

People often ask when I am going to move into a bigger space, but honestly, I rather stay put. My monthly rent isn’t as bad because I’ve been here for a while, and even though my rent continuously goes up it’s still cheaper than a lot of places. I feel like I got my place during a good time. If I was to move out my apartment and move back in, I would be paying a lot more. My neighbors are certainly paying more than me (I’ve been here longer). I don’t have any plans to move soon (unless my husband and I start a family), so I’m okay being here for awhile longer. Hopefully the right place will be available when we’re ready to move on from this place. Until then, I’m just going to enjoy being here.

Has the cost of living gone up in your city/town recently? Or do you live in an affordable city? It seems like you can get more bang for your buck in Houston, Texas. I’m always shocked with how much you can get for the price, but I don’t know what the average salaries are down there. What city do you feel gives the most bang for their buck?


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