Let’s talk about Rejection!

        Rejection is a hard pill to swallow. I’ve experienced rejection in so many ways, and to be honest it doesn’t get much easier with time. When you experience it so much it starts to affect you mentally. You start to feel like you’re inadequate and just not good enough. This year I’ve received rejections letters from jobs that applied to a year or two ago, which is crazy. I think I already knew that I was no longer in the running. Why come back to sprinkle more salt in my wounds? (Lol) Every time I opened a late rejection email this year I would laugh first, but later on I would start to feel a way about it. It’s like it just reminded me of all my rejections in the past. If you’re familiar with my earlier posts then you know how hard it was to get a callback. I remember when I got 3 interviews in one year (It was like I finally got a call back every 3 to 4 months) and I thought I would be a shoe in after my interviews. I had more than enough experience for each job I interviewed for, and I didn’t get any offers. I started to fall back into a depression. It felt like nothing was working out in my favor. I’ve been working on my projects for awhile now, trying to push it to the forefront and nothing that I’m doing is working. So it feels like another type of rejection. I know that during the road to success you’re going to experience MANY failures. Sometimes I feel like I’ve reached my quota already. I saw an Instagram post the other day about the real road to success, and I’ll post it below.

I feel like I have experienced the first 7 steps to a T, but instead of 2 obstacles I’ve had MANY.  I guess you can say I am now at the self-doubt stage.  Everything happened in order just like this. I only hope that means my first achievement is coming soon. It’s been such a difficult journey. I wanted to give up more times than I could count, but there’s a part of me that just won’t let me quit. Rejection sucks! It can hurt and after awhile it can really affect your self-esteem. I was watching a show where this woman was going after her dream. She put so much money into it and it just wasn’t working. She had a silent business partner who found a way for everything to take off. It started succeeding, but it wasn’t her vision. She kept resisting the change and no one understood why because her business was finally doing good. I didn’t understand why she was resisting the change either until she said when people rejected her vision it was like they were rejecting her, and it reminded her of all of the times she has been rejected. I immediately understood. I always felt left out and rejected in my personal life and school/career/business life. I’ve built up a thick skin with personal rejections once I fell in love with the person that I am, but the career related rejections still get to me sometimes. She eventually adapted to the change and embraced it, which I probably would have too. Sometimes we have to adjust and adapt to changes to grow.

I don’t know if anyone is going through the same thing right now, but if you are and you’re still going strong…. cheers to you! Cheers to you for not giving up! Sometimes it feels like it’s happening faster for the people around you, like others are just lapping around you while you’re on your eighth step. It can get discouraging, but our perseverance will carry us across that first finish line. There are a few finish lines that I want to cross. I don’t want to just be successful in one thing. I want to succeed in many areas. There’s something in me that just won’t let me throw in the towel. It’s an uneasiness that I feel every time I think about giving up. I couldn’t live with the what ifs and not knowing what could’ve happened if I kept going. Like the words of that song Believer: I’m going to keep pushing, and I’m going to keep fighting. I’m going keep on trying because I’ve come too far. I breathe like a champion. I dream I’m a champion.


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