Pressure Makes Diamonds 💎

Even though this year has been a little crazy, I feel like it has unleashed a lot of people’s creative side. Since most of us were locked in the house for so long we picked up a lot of hobbies (like drawing/painting, baking/cooking, playing an instrument or any other creative outlet). A lot of people even took some of those free classes that were offered to everyone because of the pandemic. I was even searching through some of the free Harvard classes to take, but then I realized what school does to me and I didn’t want to put myself through that again. I still love to learn new things, but on my own terms and without deadlines. Even though my circumstances haven’t changed much since the beginning of the pandemic, I still feel like the stress of this year pushed me towards different hobbies to use as outlets. I always considered myself as a creative type. I love creating things and seeing the end results. I wish I had this kind of energy years ago, but I guess these last few years really made me realize that time is precious and sometimes we just have to power through. I’m getting better every day. The key was to take it one step at a time. Start with one task and make it a habit. Once it’s a part of your daily (or weekly) routine, then add another task. I started with exercise and learning a skill. Then I added in daily reading and started another skill. Now I’m writing more and I’m FINALLY getting my diet under control. My diet was the biggest struggle for me this year. I’ve been doing a lot of cooking/baking from scratch the last few months, so it definitely hasn’t helped my diet. It was a good outlet in the moment, and now I know how to make a lot of homemade treats. These days I’m finding other outlets and it has been a joy in the midst of the craziness. There are so many things that I miss (like seeing family and traveling), but I discovered so much about myself. They weren’t lying when they say pressure makes diamonds, because a lot of us are going to come out of this quarantine sparkling and better than before. 😉


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