A Foodie with Self-Discipline equals Mental Focus.

        During this past spring I have been making sure to get more physical activity in my weekly routine. I live a sedentary life and thought that I really should start exercising more. Any type of fitness activity is great for the mind, body and heart, but I wasn’t losing any weight. My biggest battle was food. It’s always been food, but even more so this year. Usually I can get it together when I know that I really need to lose weight, but it just felt different this time. After struggling all year, I finally started to get my eating under control about 4 weeks ago. Food doesn’t control me like before. If you read one of my previous post, I mentioned how I came across a quote that said something like when you have more self-discipline when it comes to food, you can pretty much conquer anything. Since I haven’t been so obsessed with food I’ve been more into my projects. It’s like the energy that went towards my love for food is now into things that will actually benefit me. I’m working towards my goals even more than usual, and I just feel like I’m more focused and I have more excitement to work and create. Food use to control me, but now I’m in control and it feels great. I’ve lost weight and I’m feeling better physically and mentally. I’m just ready to keep pushing and make it to my first goal. Until then I will try to tackle my next problem, which is learning how to focus on 1 to 2 streams at a time, and not trying to work on 7 to 10 different things. I will say that I did narrow down the number of projects, but I need to at least get the number down to 5. Well, wish me luck! And Good Luck to ALL of You and Your Future Endeavors!!! 😉


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