Speak Positive = Think Positive

This week is an intense week for me, and I hope and pray everything goes well. I’m keeping a positive mindset and I’m visualizing achieving my goals. As a person who suffers a lot with anxiety, I tend to worry a lot about everything. I’m trying to get my emotions in check and have faith that everything will work out. I pray to God for guidance and protection for my family and me. I believe everything will go well, but every now and then doubt will try to show its ugly head. I have to block out the noise, negativity and the spirit of defeat. I will not be defeated! We will not be defeated! I have to break this cycle and tell myself I deserve to be happy and I deserve the great things that are coming my way. We have to speak good things into existence, and when doubt creeps up we need to repeat positive things until it’s embedded into our heads. A lot of times we create a defense mechanism for ourselves by expecting the worst. We tell ourselves to not get too excited because we don’t want to be disappointed. When you continuously face negative outcomes you can’t imagine things to actually go right, but what if they didn’t go right because you already felt defeated? What if our defense mechanisms are the things that sabotages us? Maybe it’s time to start trusting and believing. Let’s block out the negativity and speak great things into our lives from this moment on. It can be a challenging shift, but as long as I try and take it one day at a time, I’m sure I can rewire this brain of mine. To anyone else who might suffer with anxiety/fear with almost any task you face (intense or mild), I pray that you start to trust who you are and know that you are a winner. Believe in yourself and speak great things into your life. It’s time for a change and the perfect time to start is NOW! 😉 We Got This!!!


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