Confessions of a Foodie

        One thing that is tough for me during the holiday season is trying to keep my diet in check the last 6 weeks of the year. This is the time of year when I stumble. This is the time of year where my diet vanishes. I’ve been doing great up until the end of last week of November. That’s when I dropped the ball completely, but the week before that it was getting harder to keep up. During this time of year is when I just want to watch Christmas movies and eat cookies, cakes, brownies, pies and Christmas candy. I want cocoa with extra marshmallows, and I want to drink coquito all day. I want all the things that are horrible for you. I typically have a sweet tooth, but it seems to skyrocket during this time of year. I don’t want to ruin my progress that I’ve been making, and I mean that in every area of my life. This past October and November, I realized that food plays a big part in other areas besides diet and physical health. It’s an anchor for me, and when I’m not in control of it my focus is off. When you have no self-control you lose that focus, so it’s not just my diet that suffers but it’s also my work ethic that suffers. My motivation and my determination start to dwindle in every area of my life. When I was in control I was doing really well in every area, but now I’m losing sight of it all. I’ve been pushing myself a lot lately. I’m slowly getting back on track, but it’s been a struggle. I’m slowly adjusting my diet and cutting back on the sweets. I have to find other ways to celebrate the season, or at least finding the strength to cutback and indulge sparingly, but as a Foodie/Food Addict it’s hard not going overboard. I just want to feel like myself again physically but be even better mentally. I love the Christmas season! I just want to learn to love it in a way that’s a bit healthier. Are you a foodie on a diet? How are you getting through the Holiday Season? Share your tips in the comment section below. 😊


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