Growth! (Little By Little)

        Today I was listening to the Elevation broadcast and the guest speaker was talking about Growth. He mentioned how sometimes growth can be so gradual that you might not even realize that you’ve grown unless you were keeping track. He compared it to an old height chart that he used to have growing up, and beside the year of the growth spurt most of the growth was so gradual that it would’ve gone unnoticed if it wasn’t marked/tracked. It made me think about what I mentioned from one of my previous posts about knowing that I’m growing little by little, but still being discouraged because It’s not happening fast enough. I started consistently working on myself late spring/early summer. I tracked every task daily and tried to become more consistent with the things that I want to accomplish. Consistency was always my biggest hurdle, so this was the first time I was being consistent for more than a season. It was going well, and I even surprised myself for the most part (making it to 2 seasons), but I hit a wall the end of last month. I kept trying to get back on track, but I just can’t seem to push myself out of this funk. It felt like I was pushing myself so much for so little return. I started to doubt myself again and question if I would ever reach my ultimate goals if reaching first base seems so hard to picture.

        Sometimes I lose sight of the bigger picture because it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel when you are so far away from being where you want to be. I might not be where I WANT to be, but maybe I am where I NEED to be. Maybe I have more growing and learning to do before I get there. Maybe it’s even more than what I can imagine or have ever pictured. I keep feeling like I should be further by this age, but just like the man said what if you’re getting double. What if it’s enough to make up for the time you felt like you wasted? We often compare our journeys to other people who might be where we want to be, but we have to focus on our own individual journey. You can feel like you’re going 2 miles an hour and all of a sudden jumped to 200 miles an hour. That’s the beauty of the journey, you never know when you’re going to hit your growth spurt. Until then we have to continue to focus on the growth (no matter how small) and as long as we are growing and improving, then we are on the right track. WE WILL GET THERE! It might not be easy, but I have a feeling it’s going to be WORTH IT! 😉


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