Just One Door . . . (It Doesn’t Matter How Many Closed Doors You Reach, You Just Need One to Open)

Today I had a lot on my mind. I was thinking a lot about grad school. A lot of my work consisted of interviews. As an introvert who is also awkward and a little shy, I was always afraid to approach people or reach out to strangers. I guess you can say it was just a little uncomfortable. I don’t know if it had to do with my field of study, but we had to reach out to so many people. It was tough. In a short amount of time, you had to get an interview with someone with a certain career title (whatever title that the professor gave you). I just remember researching many people of that field and emailing all of them. At first, I would just contact a few, but I never got a response back. I learned then to contact as many people as I could and hope that I would get at least one response. All you need is one response. Each time I did this I would get that one response. As long as I could do my assignment it was fine, but I couldn’t believe how many people didn’t have the time or just didn’t want to take a few minutes to answer 3 to 4 questions. I was so excited every time I got a reply. I was thinking a lot about that today because sometimes it’s scary to do something that you have never done before. Anything outside of your comfort zone is scary at first, but you find new ways to tackle your fears. Every time you unlock a new fear and tackle it, it’s like revealing a new part of yourself that you never knew was there. It’s quite thrilling actually. Don’t get me wrong, I love my comfort zone. It’s safe and calm, but sometimes you have to unleash that inner fighter to reach your true potential. To go further in life, we have to expand our knowledge and experience. There’s a big difference in tackling an obstacle the first time versus tackling that same obstacle the 10th time. You’ve learned a lot with experience. You find a quicker and smarter way to do it, and that’s the beauty about learning and growing. It’s a reminder that sometimes you have to just keep trying and eventually that door will open. 😉


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