Do you have to be around Millionaires to become one?

You know the saying when you hang around 4 millionaires you become the 5th one? Most people say that to become successful you have to hang with success people. You can’t hang around people with no goals or ambition. They say if the people around you are broke, then most likely you are broke. I often hear speakers tell their audience to drop friends who don’t have that same goals or vision. When I would hear that, I would always feel like it was a little extreme. I do believe that if you hang with millionaires it’s very likely to get to your goals quicker. They can give you advice, tips and help you in ways other people can’t, but I feel like there’s always an exception to the rule. I think you can be successful no matter who you are around if you want it bad enough. If you have tunnel vision. I know this because it’s been done time and time again. It might be a little harder, and the road might be a little longer, but it can happen. Maybe you won’t be the 5th millionaire, but you can be the first in your group. Your success can inspire people close to you, and you can share what you have learned with them. I believe in dropping “Toxic” friends, but I don’t believe in replacing “True” friends. It’s nice to add friends, but I wouldn’t subtract any out of my life without reason. I am also not naïve to the fact that some people lose friends along the way due to jealousy. Your success might bring out a dark side to people that you might never knew they had, and that’s life. If you have true friends around you then they will be happy for you no matter what. I feel like I am now surrounded by people who genuinely care about me. People who been by my side through the good, bad and ugly. Those are the type of friends that’s shouldn’t be replaced. Character is number one for me. So, whenever I hear someone mention how challenging it will be to make it in the midst of my environment I will say: Challenge Accepted!

What are your thoughts? Do you believe that you have to move on from friends who are not where you hope to be? Let me know in the comment section below.


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