Declutter Your Mind!

Recently I read Declutter Your Mind: How to Stop Worrying, Relieve Anxiety, and Eliminate Negative Thinking. It was a good read. What surprised me the most, was the fact that most of things the book suggested I already do. Somethings I’ve been doing since the summer of last year, and other things I’ve added in my life at the beginning of the year. It was nice to know that I’ve made so many positive changes already. I wasn’t even aware of it before. One thing that I still don’t do is meditate. Meditating is a little challenging for me because my mind does run wild, but after reading this book I feel like I can maybe try again. At first, I thought maybe it’s just me that feels anxious while my mind is going a mile a minute, but I realized that it’s normal. It’s not just me, and you have to practice every day. I guess I just thought it would never happen for me because the thought of clearing my mind in silence seemed impossible. I guess I should’ve just tried to at least make an attempt to try it for a few minutes each day.

Other than that, most of things that was suggested I already do. I can still do better when it comes to decluttering my surroundings and phone. I recognize the negative effects that a cluttered space and cluttered phone (emails, texts, documents, photos and etc.) may have on your mental state. I need to do better in that department, and I appreciated the tips they gave for that issue in particular. On the other hand, I indulge in a lot of things that center me and help me grow. Writing, taking classes, learning languages, exercising, reading, drawing/painting are some of the things that are mentioned that I already do.

The book also talks about removing toxic relationships (of any kind) out of your life and discovering your core values. I removed all relationships that were considered toxic or even one-sided many years ago, so that wasn’t anything new. As for core values, well I actually dug deep in this area last year. I came across a list of things that are similar in the book, where you have to choose your top 10 and then narrow it down to 5 and so on. I did this last year, but one thing about the book that I liked is that you had to make two separate lists. One list is personal values and the other is career values. I liked that because I feel like the two should be separated. They gave a lot of tips and tricks and some recommended websites and apps to help with certain tasks. I even downloaded one of the apps that they suggested. I won’t giveaway too much just in case you want to read it. It’s not a long read I finished it in half a day with very long breaks in between. There’s so much that included that I didn’t mentioned. So, if you like to read it and you can find it on Amazon, and it’s also included in Kindle Unlimited. 😉 If you read my previous post about millionaire habits ( ), then you know how I want to make sure that I read a book every month. I definitely would like to read more than one book a month, but I’m going to say one to not add pressure. As I mentioned in many posts before, pressure and expectations are not the best combination for me. I just achieve more without it. Well, have a great day everyone! Happy Sunday!


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