Manifesting and Reprogramming (Pt 2)

In yesterday’s article I mentioned that I was currently reading Manifesting Millions: Convert Fantasy to Reality, and I pointed out a couple of tips that I wanted to add into my daily routine. I ended up finishing the book before I went to bed last night and I thought I would share a few more points from the book. In the 2nd half of the book It went over things like time management, self-discipline, fitness, diet, balance and focusing on the present. One thing that I realized after reading the two books that I mentioned in my last 2 blog posts is that I am on the right track. A lot of the changes that I’ve been making last year and the years before are pushing me on the right path. I had no idea that I’ve already been doing most of what’s being mentioned in these books. My biggest issue is consistency. I’ve definitely picked up the pace last year, but I started to slow down around the holidays. I really need to stick with it for a year and keep up the momentum. It’s okay to take a short break, but I need to learn how to get back in the swing of things right after a holiday, and not use birthdays or the Christmas season as an excuse to just take weeks off.

I realized that so much goes hand in hand. It’s not just about the work you put into your projects/businesses. We need self-discipline and structure in many areas of our lives. Meditating, diet, fitness, organization, and attitude all plays a role in the journey. Being healthy mentally and physically is extremely important during the process. When you feel good and you’re thinking clearly you can get so much more done. You’re more focus and alert, and when your environment is organized, you’re more at peace. Changing your attitude can be a little challenging, but we have to stay positive. Our words and thoughts are powerful, and we have to think positive and speak positive if we expect to make it. Sometimes, when it feels like the journey is moving super slow, it’s understandable that you might be filled with doubt. It’s hard staying positive after a while. You get to a point where it’s like you’re constantly going back and forth with your thoughts canceling everything out, but it’s time to make a change. It’s time to keep believing and keep trusting. If you have to say positive affirmations every day, over and over again until you start to believe it then do it. Do whatever you can to stay in a positive state of mind.

Moving forward I am going to try to aim to be a little more self-disciplined when it comes to diet, routine, and daily morning workouts. I work out a couple times a week, but I can do more. I’ve been practicing intermittent fasting, but I can still make better food choices and not indulge in so much sugar. As for clutter, I could be a little more organized and I’m willing to work on that. Maybe one of the next books I read will be on minimalism. I also want to start meditating in the mornings and set aside some time for visualization. I usually visualize many things, but it might be best to visualize the same things every day. I just need more structure in my life, and an all-round better daily routine. As for the things that I already do, I just got to keep at it. I am heading in the right direction, and sooner or later a positive shift will happen. I’m still under construction, but once everything aligns my goals will be in reach.

Here are some positive affirmations to add to your daily routine:


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