Timing vs X-Factor (Pursuing Your Dreams)

        One thing that I tend to enjoy is listening to inspiring stories from people who started from the bottom. When I hear great success stories from people who started out with nothing but a dream, it lets me know that it’s possible. Sometimes when we are in the midst of our journey we start to doubt and question if it’s even possible. It’s like you’re following a recipe to the T and it never comes out right, and then you start to wonder if there’s a secret ingredient that you are missing. People usually say that it comes down to planning, quality, consistency, and perseverance. Sometimes It just feels like some people are just chosen.

Have you ever observed a handful of people who are doing the same thing, but only one of them really soar? They are all consistent. Their quality of work is on the same level, and they all give it their all, but only one of them might actually be considered successful. Sometimes I wonder if some people are just chosen, like they were born with this X-Factor or something. This is what my mind usually goes to failure after failure, but when I actually hear some of the most successful people’s stories from start to finish, I am surprised how many years it took for them to actually make it. I’ve heard a lot of stories where people became successful after 1 to 2 years, and when I entered my third year of trying to figure things out, I started to get discouraged. I felt like I had to keep motivating myself not to give up. Now realizing that some of the people that I admire and respect the most took around 5 to 12 years (or more) to strike gold.

It’s so easy to get frustrated with the journey. It’s so easy to give up and settle for what you don’t want. As much as I want to do that I just can’t. There’s a part of me that will never let me give up on pursing my dreams. I hate What Ifs, and I couldn’t handle not knowing what could’ve been if I just would’ve kept going. Life is complicated, but timing is everything. It might not be my time to shine just yet. Maybe there’s still so much that I need to learn. I feel like I am much better than I was over a year ago. I’ve grown so much over the years and even in the last 9 months. I’m way more structured than I was before. Maybe I just have more growing to do before I am ready, and that’s okay. I am going to keep going for it, and until then I will keep trying to better myself and grow in every area. I just want to be a better person all around.


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