Give and it Shall be Given unto You

        How much do you give? When it comes to others in need or a small gesture to someone to let them know that you’re thinking of them. Giving is probably my love language that I like to do. My love languages are Affirmations and Physical Touch, but the love language I express to others is Gift Giving. I love giving gifts. I don’t have much, but I try to do what I can, especially when it’s a surprise. I’ve always found the quote that it’s better to give than to receive to be absolutely true. It’s just a beautiful feeling.

        The other day I was reading a self-book and the chapter was talking about giving, and how important it is to give. We live in a selfish world where people only think of themselves. Sometimes it’s hard to even think about doing something nice for others because you have problems of your own. Even though I try to do what I can I’ve always wanted to do more. One day I hope I can be in the position to give to strangers who are in need. I’ve been saying this for years, but I haven’t done it yet because I feel that I am not in the position to do all that I can. I give to family, but I would love to branch out and give to others who may be in more need.

        In the book they mentioned that if you don’t have anything to give you can make something for someone or maybe an act of service (like mowing someone’s lawn, washing their car, fixing something for them or making someone dinner). Sometimes we are too wrapped up in ourselves and when we start to help others good things start to unfold in our lives. You reap what you sow in the world. We are supposed to be blessings to people. So maybe if you have been currently wrapped up into your situation, maybe you could take some time out of your day and ask yourself: Who can I make smile this week?

        I came across a part in the book that mentioned if you don’t have much, maybe you can clean out your cabinets and give away things you don’t need or want anymore. I actually do that all the time. I literally did that a day or two before I came across this chapter. Something as simple as that could go a long way. I want to do more and I’m going to make a vow to myself to try my best to make people smile. I remember years ago I was going through something (mentally and emotionally). I was depressed and I felt like so unseen. This lady randomly gave me a card with a gift card in it. In the card she wrote something beautiful and it touched me because it made me feel seen. I needed to hear something nice during that moment of my life. You never know what something like that can do for others (how much of an impact that it can make in their lives). So join me in the journey of giving! It doesn’t have to be something huge or grand, even a small token can go along way.


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