The downside of maintaining Streaks (Break it!)

        Recently I’ve been heavily into streaks and making sure that I do certain tasks every single day. If a day comes to an end and I haven’t done what I “suppose” to do I panic and try to hurry up and rush through it before the day ends. The whole process kind of reminds me of something I came across a year or two ago. Someone mentioned how sometimes streaks can be detrimental to our goals and growth because it becomes more about the streak than learning or accomplishing the main goal. There are a few things that I’ve added into my daily routine and lately the enthusiasm for those things feels more like an obligation than what it was in the beginning. The purpose of doing things everyday was to get better at what I was trying to accomplish. In my mind I equated this to being serious about what I am doing, and I genuinely wanted to get better in certain areas of my life. The truth is missing a day doesn’t erase all the work you’ve done. Sometimes things come up and some days we just don’t feel good or we lose track of time. It’s life. Tomorrow is a brand-new day. The panic I felt when I rush to complete something before the clock strikes midnight was crazy. It’s one thing to be disciplined, but it’s another one to be obsessed with a hot streak. Half the time I was thinking about the clock than what I was actually doing. It’s okay to have rest days, it doesn’t always have to be 24/7. (I do want to add a disclaimer that I am talking about simple tasks and routines. I am not talking about anything as serious as sobriety. Obviously, those are necessary streaks that serve a greater purpose. Just wanted to make that clear.)

        So as of today, I’m going to focus more on the purpose. The streaks I started comes to an end today. I want to go back to learning and retaining. I want to think about what I am doing and what I am trying to accomplish. I don’t want to rush and pressure myself too much. I want to take my time and absorb everything. Rome wasn’t built in a day and there’s no need to rush everything. It doesn’t matter if I complete the task when my head is not in it. I lose more than I gain when that happens. Sometimes we have to just tell ourselves that today is not a good day for it. Sometimes we just need a mental health day to relax and do nothing. I was getting too wrapped into everything that once I noticed the shift in my energy the last couple weeks, I knew that I needed a new tactic. I’m going to listen to my mind and body. Any task I start I want my heart and mind to be receptive. This year I am all about growth and change, and that means knowing when to walk away and taking a different approach.


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