Main Character Energy! (No longer playing the Supporting Role in My Own Life)

About a week ago I was listening to a podcast with Melissa Fredericks, and she mentioned how she’s going to start having Main Character Energy all year long. The truth is, some of us are playing supporting roles in our own life when we should be playing the leading role. We are the star in our own lives, so why is it so easily to fall by the wayside in our own lives. When it comes to a lot of us supporting characters, we either felt like we couldn’t do things without others approval/validation, or we felt like we couldn’t make certain leaps without others being present. Sometimes our lives are determined by the decisions of others. Once you become an adult and step out on your own it is very important to take control and do the things that you want to do to avoid having any regrets in the future.

There were many moments where I felt like I was playing the supporting role or felt like a series regular in my own life. I felt like I couldn’t step out on my own (in terms of taking big steps and leaps). I remember watching a lot of videos with solo woman travelers and I just felt like they were so brave to step out and see the world. It was like no one was stopping them to see the places that they’ve always wanted to see. I remember being in my early twenties and wanting to travel. Nobody around me wanted to travel or if they did want to, they easily changed their minds soon after. As a woman I didn’t think it was safe to travel alone. If I couldn’t find anyone to go with then I would just not go. So now when I see people stepping out on their own and making these unforgettable moments it just makes me wish that I would’ve thrown caution to the wind. I have traveled to some beautiful places, but it’s not as easy to get up and go now. Another leap that I was also afraid to take was starting a business alone. I felt like I couldn’t do it without partners. There were so many business ventures that was discussed, but once again if someone changed their mind, I would let go of the idea completely. I don’t know why, but I just felt like I couldn’t do it on my own. Now all I want to do is make things happen on my own which is what I’m working towards now. I just feel like I have something to prove (mainly to myself).

Another way that I played the supporting role was I always felt like I had to be an altered version of myself. In some cases (for example: if you’re the child of a political figure), whatever choice you make affects the whole family. So, you have to constantly think about every decision and how it could affect them. I felt like I couldn’t make my own decisions. I felt like I only had control of my life when I was away at college or when I’m on vacation. I’m not even talking about big things. I’m talking about small things that most people would consider to be normal. Maybe that’s why I love traveling so much. I don’t feel like I’m under a microscope when I’m somewhere else. I feel a sense of freedom. It’s probably the only time I felt like the main character in my life.

I wasted a lot of years, but I feel like I’m slowly becoming the main character in my life. I’m not quite there yet, but I am getting there. I want to make some changes while I’m still relatively young. We all know that life is short, and it goes by too fast to not be the lead character in your own story. So whether you are in your twenties, thirties, forties, fifties or sixties this is your reminder that it’s not too late to make a change and become the leading role in your own life. You want to travel? Travel! You want to start that business? Do it! You want to participate in a marathon or climb a mountain like Everest or Kilimanjaro? Do it! Prepare for it and do it! Maybe you want to ballroom dance and enter a competition. Go for it! Maybe you want a career change, and you want to become a lawyer. Go back to school and give it your best! Make decisions for your own life! If people don’t like it then that’s okay, because it’s not their life anyway. No more What Ifs! You are the pilot flying this plane. You’re the captain steering this ship. Don’t ever forget that! So screw playing the supporting role in your own story! It’s Main Character Energy from now on! 😉


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