The Enneagram Number I Wish I Could Be . . . (Hint: A Free-Spirited Extrovert Who Throws Caution to the Wind.)

         Most of us who are familiar with enneagrams know that there’s a great deal of good and bad within each number. Well, today I was thinking about the enneagram number that I wish I could be. After going back and forth and researching all the numbers I noticed that one of them really stuck out to me. Each one had their own set of strengths and weaknesses. There wasn’t a general ideal enneagram that screamed the ULTIMATE HUMAN BEING! It really comes down to your own personal preference, so if I could choose my own enneagram number, I would choose seven. Seven would be what I would personally consider to be IDEAL. Sevens just seems like they know how to live life. I know it sounds crazy, but life is crazy (and complicated). It’s a lot, and it just seems like Sevens have a better outlook on life. They just want to be happy and free.

          Have you ever seen those videos of someone singing and some person writes “How I think I sound when I’m in the shower vs How I really sound” in the comment section? Well seven is how I picture myself out into the world. It’s not my reality, but that’s the persona that I feel like I give off (in my mind). If I glanced at each one before I took the test, I would’ve guessed that I would’ve been a seven based on me having a wide range of interests, hobbies and creative projects, childlike enthusiasm, and my love for freedom. On the other hand, unlike sevens, I’m not extroverted. Sevens are known to be the most extroverted and always being on the go. I am an introvert that stays at home a lot, which is why my top two enneagram numbers are the most introverted. I do give off a cheerful child-like vibe when I am around family and loved ones, but to most of the world (and when I’m alone) I’m very reserved. When I’m home alone or surrounded by strangers it’s clear as day that I am a true four.  Although I am surprised that I didn’t score higher in the 7 category, I’m not too shocked since I’m so far from being extroverted. I guess my reclusiveness canceled out all the other characteristics.

       In the future I want to see myself becoming more of a seven. I want to be more joyous and cheerful all the time, even when I’m alone. I want to be more extroverted. I hate feeling stunted. I want to go out and be free from the mental and emotional chains. I want to look at life as a happy and fun journey full of adventures and new discoveries. Sevens don’t want to miss out on experiences, and I’ve missed out on so much because of fear of failure, or just not wanting to be around people. I’ve always wanted to stay in my comfort zone because everything else seems too draining. Now that I see how much I’ve missed out on I wish I had a reset button. I wish I could’ve made the most out of life and lived as wild and free as a wild horse throwing caution to the wind. Moving forward, I hope I can be that person someday. You know what they say The Past is History, but Tomorrow is a Mystery! I don’t know what the future will bring, but I hope when I take this test again in 3-5 years, I will be living life as a free-spirited joyous Seven.


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