Becoming Your Own Version of Extraordinary!

          What is your version of extraordinary? Does it line up with what you think the world’s version of extraordinary is? Or do you have your own definition? Growing up I always wanted to be great. I wanted to achieve great and have greatness thrust upon me, but what does that mean? Some people might look at superstars or very athletic people as extraordinary. Some might look at geniuses and self-made millionaires/billionaires as extraordinary. Some would say it’s the selfless heroes that give to the communities. It can be whatever you want it to be. When I was younger, I think I looked at it in a superficial way as most children do. Today I look at in a completely different way.

          So, what is my definition of an Extraordinary Person? Well, here it is. An extraordinary person is a person who has fell down nine hundred and ninety-nine times and got up a thousand times. An extraordinary person is a person who didn’t stop dreaming when everyone around them told them that it was a waste of time. An extraordinary person is a person who rose from the ashes when they had every reason to give up and succumb to their pain. An extraordinary person has a heart that cares for people and wants the best for the world even when the world gives them every reason to stop caring. They should have a heart of stone or a block of ice, but instead it still cares. An extraordinary person is a person who doesn’t gives up on anything they want to do. They try and try, even if they fail. An extraordinary person has confidence with who they are and doesn’t care about being a copy because they are too much of an original. It’s so easy to give up in this life. It’s so easy to let go of your dreams. It’s so easy to give into depression. It’s so easy to let the constant disappointments of life turn you into a coldhearted zombie. It’s so easy to follow the trends in hopes that it will give you more confidence. We are constantly molded by our experiences, the media, and our surroundings. So if you made it out of the darkness with a heart full of love, a determined mind that’s confident in yourself and your dreams then you are extraordinary to me.

          I’m not highly talented or magnificently gifted and that’s okay. I don’t possess a skill that 95-99% of the world don’t possess. I’m what the outside world would call an ordinary person, but I know that I have the power to be extraordinary someday. I constantly give up for a second, but I always manage to get back up and fight. Everyday feels like a mental battle. Life has repeatedly knocked me down in the last 5 years. I’ve been holding on to my sanity like it’s the last bag of coffee beans on earth. I keep trying even when everything around me screams GIVE UP! Sometimes I throw in the towel and succumb to those feelings, but somehow, I find the strength to get up off the floor and keep pushing. I see people who have made it out of the darkness and prevail. They had every reason to give up, and they made it. Not only did they achieve their goals, but they’ve helped others as well. I know that I can make it, and in spite of feeling myself (and who I am at the core) slowly slip away, I know that I can overcome this. I’ve lost a few battles (and I might lose a couple more), but I will win this war. I will become extraordinary in my own right!


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