Hanging in the Balance (Finding Answers and Moving Forward)

          This week I’ve been thinking a lot about moving forward from a lot of things that I’ve been juggling for the past few years. Life has been so chaotic these past couple of years that I just want some type of stability. There are moments where I’m trying to do research and figure out if there are any tips and tricks that people are offering. Is there key information that I should know. I ask detailed questions that I assume that most people would have asked or spoke on, but I haven’t found these answers in any articles. 90% of the time I don’t find the answers that I’m looking for and I’m quite shocked actually. So I figured that I will I have to be the tester. I have to be the scientist in this situation and test many different theories. I was honestly hoping to run into an article or video where someone else has challenged themselves and decided to share their results with the world. I love tests and experiments. What’s the secret formula? Is there even a secret formula? Or is it all about luck and timing? Are my questions too random, or is it so time consuming that no one ever wanted to test it? I’m not sure. I just know that I have to step up and try these theories out myself. I can’t wait for others to do it for me out of fear. I was always so afraid of wasting time that I ended up wasting more time by standing still.

          Moving forward I’m going to have little experiments (well some won’t be so little) and see if I can find what works and what doesn’t. Expect to see different posts about my findings. I currently post every Thursday at 9:15pm, and I’m planning to start posting every Sunday night as well in the near future. Sunday nights will be reserved for my “Chasing” series, which will be all about making changes and adjustments in my life. The experiments will be included in one of the chasing series. To give you an example of what I mean when I say experiments: 30 Days of Blogging Experiment. I’m sure you’ve seen articles and videos speaking on this topic. This was actually one of the topics that was easy to find, but even after hearing people’s own experiences I wanted to test it out anyway. My results were pretty similar to what most people experienced. As for future experiments, they won’t exactly be tailored to blogging. It will be focused on other moneymaking creative outlets that you can do from home. Look out for those new blogs starting sometime in the month of June.

Thank you for stopping by and taking time out of your day to read my posts. I really appreciate it and I hope that you will continue to follow along this crazy life journey of mine. Peace & Love to ALL! XoXo


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