Being Too Open, honest and Transparent for Social Media….? (Wondering if I should pull back)

          Sometimes I wonder how open one should be when it comes to their life. Does being too open and honest make it easy to become a target? Or does it make you more relatable? I know for me personally; I like to be more open and honest about things. Growing up I was more private and one thing I realized as I got older is that there is usually someone (if not many) who can always relate to your situation. I appreciate people’s openness. When I see people who are completely transparent and open about things it makes them more relatable, and it’s refreshing to see.

           When I first started this blog, my goal was to be super open, and that’s what I have been doing regardless of the situation. There were many times when I thought that maybe I said too much or was being too transparent. I know there’s a downside to sharing too much about yourself and it can leave you a little to exposed. Maybe some things aren’t meant to be shared. Although I don’t share my whole entire journey, I’ve shared most of it. I shared a lot of painful moments and things that’s considered embarrassing. I’ve been fearful of judgement, and I’ve been ashamed of my bumpy whirlwind of a journey. I mean this was supposed to be a blog about me finding myself after grad school and making my way to success, and it turned into a crazy life blog of my many setbacks and mistakes.

          As I continued to go back and forth with trying to decide whether I am saying too much or the right amount I decided to continue to be transparent. Isn’t that’s what the journey is all about? The journey isn’t always pretty. It can be long and ugly. It can be depressing, but things happen. In the world of social media there is so much fakeness and we need more authenticity. The road to self-discovery and success can be messy and discouraging, but I find those stories more inspiring when they finally make it. Some people make it look easy, or they say it was hard and not really go into detail. Very few people speak on the setbacks and trials that knock them off their path for a while, and what it takes for them to get back up again. We need more of that, so no matter how uncomfortable or embarrassing it might be, I will continue to be transparent. It might not always be pretty, but it’s my life.


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