Actively Making Happy Moments … (Happiness Life Hack) (Chasing Happiness pt 3)

          What can I say about my journey to happiness? I’ll tell you one thing, chasing happiness is not the easiest thing to do, but I’m slowly learning. I’ve learned that it’s easier to have moments of happiness than to be consistently happy, but the trick is to have as many happy moments as possible. That’s the happiness hack! Fill every free moment with something that makes you happy. One thing that has brought me joy is making time every week to have a wine down with my sister. Wine Down Wednesdays are our new thing that we’ve been doing for the past six weeks and we’ve both stated that it has been a highlight of our week. I have a lot of wine that I rarely drink, and I thought it would be fun to turn that into a bonding activity. I purchased this wine tasting journal for my sister and I on amazon for under 5 bucks ( Wine Tasting Journal ). Every Wednesday evening, we have some wine, fill out the tasting chart, discuss the wine, have dinner, and then chat about life. It’s been really fun and relaxing. I can see this being a forever thing even if it eventually turns into every other week, rather than every week. I definitely recommend this to anyone who just want a moment to slip away to relax and laugh for a bit. I know people can be busy and feel like they can’t fit extra activities into their schedule, but this doesn’t have to be a meet up activity. We mostly do this over the phone, in the comfort of our own homes. I had a lot of doubles of smaller wine bottles, so it was a good way to shrink my large inventory (double plus).

Wine Tasting Journal

          Another way I’ve been adding moments of happiness into my life is by celebrating others. A couple of loved ones had some recent achievements (new job, finishing a degree) and anything new and exciting is a reason to celebrate. If someone you care about got a new job, finished their degree, or achieved any kind of milestone be sure to celebrate them. Make a big deal out of it! Buy them a gift, take them out for dinner (or a drink), or even throw them a surprise dinner at home. It doesn’t matter how big the gesture is, just let them know that you are proud of them. Moments like that means a lot to people (more than you know). For example: Even though I felt like it may have been cheesy, I put up decorations (balloons, banners, streamers & themed plates, napkins, and cups), ordered takeout and bought dessert. I had it up as soon as he walked through the door, and he was surprised because he didn’t think no one would care enough to make a big deal about his achievement. If you can add happiness to someone’s day that’s going to automatically make you happy as well. You know what they say, it’s better to give than to receive. It’s an old saying, but still true, nonetheless.

          Lastly, another thing that has bought me moments of joy lately is newfound interests. New interest and new hobbies are always fun in the beginning. Lately I’ve been into fragrances. Growing up I had a few key perfumes and that was it because I’ve always felt like perfumes didn’t smell good on me. I thought it just didn’t work with my body chemistry, so I eventually transitioned to body mists only. It seemed to be the only thing that works. Fast forward years later and now I’m more into fragrance than ever before. Usually, I’m not for retail therapy. Retail therapy got me in over my head during my late teens and early twenties. It’s not the best outlet when you’re constantly spending money. On the other hand, I’ve been having so much fun getting to know what I like, and what I don’t like. Taking my time to smell and identify all of the notes in each scent that I come across. When I’m out and I see a good deal on perfume I pull out my phone to look up the notes and comments on Fragrantica. It’s especially fun when I come across one of the perfumes on my wish list and it’s a phenomenal deal. It’s like a little scavenger hunt. Now that my collection has quintupled in the last 30 days, I will now slow down and only buy when I come across an amazing deal. 🤞

Well, that’s the update on my Chasing Happiness Journey. Be sure to check in 4 weeks from now for part 4. Part 3 of Chasing Peace will be up next Sunday. Thank you for stopping by and have a good evening! XOXO 😘


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