Are You Willing to Bet on Yourself? (I’m Done Being Afraid! I’m ALL IN!)

          How many of us are willing to really bet on ourselves when it comes to the game of life? Do you like to play it safe or are you willing to take the risk? There are moments where I start to bet on myself and then I fall back in fear. I feel like I’m stuck in the middle and afraid to place everything I have on one hand. I would rather make multiple small bets, than to make one large one. When there’s so much at stake it can be so scary to lose it all. Sometimes I wish I was gutsier and look at each avenue I take as a sure thing. What would happen if I played each hand as if it was a sure thing? What if I learned to bluff so well to the point where I even fool myself into thinking that there’s no way that I’m going to lose? I rarely ever bet it all on one hand, but maybe it’s time that I should. It’s time for something different. As much as risks scares me, somehow playing it safe scares me even more. I’ve been overly cautious for so many years now that I’m ready to make a change. I know what doesn’t work, and now I need to switch it up. As much as it worries me, I’m taking a chance and putting it all on one hand. Safe hasn’t been working so I need to adapt.

          I now understand what some people mean when they say that you shouldn’t have a plan b when it comes to your dream, because that means you’re expecting to fail. You have to go into something expecting to win. I should be looking at this like there is no way this plan/path will not work. Once it works out, then I can think about adding something else to my plate. I know that I get overly excited, and I want to do so many things at once, but many of the greats started out focusing on one thing. They start with their passion and learn to do it well before they start branching out to other passions and new projects. I need to stop dividing my time between 15 to 20 things and just focus on one. It will be hard. It will be challenging, and I would be lying if I didn’t say it will be scary. I always fear betting on the wrong horse and wasting more time than I already have, but I have to throw caution to wind this time. I’m tired of playing it safe. I’m ready to win, and I want to win BIG! You know what they say: The bigger the risk, the bigger the reward! 😉


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