I Got Checked by My Enneagram Number (Blogmas #5)

       While I was headed out of town last week I was listening to different podcasts on the road, and one of the podcasts was talking about their Enneagram number. They had a panel of people talking about how your number can show you some hard truths. If you’re completely honest while taking the test … More I Got Checked by My Enneagram Number (Blogmas #5)

Instant Motivation

Aside from the meaningful things, one thing that inspires me is looking at homes. Even though most of us want wealth and success because we hope to be provided for families and payback our parents for every sacrifice that they ever made for us. We might want to do something meaningful and help out the … More Instant Motivation

Talent vs Skilled

         I was watching a compilation video of inspiring words and wisdom. In the video Will Smith mentioned that some people are talented, and some people are really skilled. Talented people are naturally gifted and born with a special ability or skill. Then you have people who are really skilled, who practiced a particular skill … More Talent vs Skilled