6-Week “Level Up” Challenge!


        It’s a new year it’s a new day! As mentioned in previous posts, I will be doing another 6-Week challenge. It will start Monday, January 6 and end on February 17th at 12:00am. I will call this the 6-Week Level Up Challenge. If you would like to also participate in the challenge, then pick a few things that you would like to level up on. During this challenge I would like to:

  • Double my water intake.

  • Drop some pounds.

  • Eat a cleaner diet and become more active.

  • Be more consistent when it comes to projects.

  • Complete a draft for one of my projects.

  • Learn and widen my knowledge when it comes to certain skills.

  • Get my stress and anxiety levels under control.

  • Strengthen myself spiritually.

  • Take Care of my skin (More Masks and Moisturizer)

  •  Repeat Daily Affirmations every day!

       That’s my list. What are some things that you want to accomplish? Let me know in the comment section. I will continue to make updates along the way of my Level Up journey. Let’s make this our swan year, our butterfly rebirth year. As a college grad with a mountain load of debt I definitely need to bring my best self to help me achieve my goals. It’s been a long road, and now I need to put my feet on the gas and really go for it. I hope that you all will join me. Let’s make it happen!


As mentioned in my student loan reveal post, here’s the link to my tee shop. (Proceeds go to my massive pile of student loans) : https://teespring.com/stores/student-loan-debt   For 13% off use promo code: LoanHelp20 (offer expires 1/31)
If you can support, then that’s amazing! Thank you so much! It’s highly appreciated! If not, I still appreciate you clicking on my post. Thanks for reading. 🙂 Have a blessed day!

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