Talent vs Skilled

         I was watching a compilation video of inspiring words and wisdom. In the video Will Smith mentioned that some people are talented, and some people are really skilled. Talented people are naturally gifted and born with a special ability or skill. Then you have people who are really skilled, who practiced a particular skill for years. Will Smith considered himself to be a very skilled person. It gave me a lot to think about. Throughout my life I was a little jealous of people with a natural talent. Whether if it was singing, athleticism, cooking, anything in the arts really (painting, instruments, dancing, designing, etc.) I thought it would give you more options and push you to a path on what you were meant to be. But I realized that there is a thin line between talented and skilled. Yes, the skilled person has to put in more work, but they can achieve the same goals (maybe not so much with singing. You can learn to sing better, but it all depends on what you are starting with. If you sound awful, then don’t expect much.). Other than that, it’s very possible to do well in your desired field. You just have to work at it and put a lot of time into it. I guess the beauty of having a talent is that the skill chose you, rather than you choosing the skill. I wasn’t born with a talent. The only thing I was born with is an overactive imagination, and I’m fine with that now. A lot of things didn’t come easy to me. Everything I attempted/attempt feels difficult, but I keep trying. I’m the underdog. I’m the little engine that could, and that’s okay. Watching people who are naturally talented is impressive. Seeing people who went to the top because they dedicated their time to learning, practicing and perfecting a skill is inspiring. One day I hope to be one of those people. 😉


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