FRIEND (Do we use the term too loosely?)

Sometimes it feels like we use the term “Friend” too loosely. I stopped overly using the word “friend” in my early twenties. I realized that some people are just your peer, classmate, coworker, acquaintance or associate, and nothing more. There are a lot of people who we see every day. We laugh and joke with them, but once you’re off the clock you go your separate ways. The same thing can be said about school. I often learned that most people you come across are not really your friends. Conversing and joking are just something to do to help pass the time. Once you leave that job (or school) it’s like that chapter closes, and you rarely hear from them again. I was listening to a podcast recently and they were talking about friendships. The woman stated how when she left her job she knew she wouldn’t see or hear from them again, so it was like “Bye, have a nice life” after she left. They joked about it, but it’s just something that really happens. I laughed because I feel the same way. Growing up I use to actually believe that we would keep up in touch and certain “friendships” would go beyond high school, college or work. I would reach out, but I realized most of the time it was me reaching out, so I stopped. Afterwards, I knew what it was, so saying goodbyes was easier. Now, I’m not saying that this always happens. It’s definitely possible to make actual friendships from these environments. I’m just saying don’t be surprised when the communication does stops, and at most it becomes an exchange of likes or comments here and there on Facebook. I don’t look at this as a bad thing. I look at it as one big story, and there are some short chapters and there are some long chapters. Some characters will stay with you until the end of the book, but some will leave and not make it to the next chapter. You both served your purpose in each other’s lives, and now you both have to move on. So it’s not really a sad thing, they just wasn’t meant to be in the next chapter of your story. I often see people hurt, shocked or offended when people stop staying in touch afterwards. After a certain age I’m usually amazed that people still are surprised by it. I just feel like most of us are used to it after our mid to late twenties. I take it for what it is and nothing more. I have three people that I can always go to with my problems (not counting my hubby), and every time we hang out it’s always a good time. I consider myself blessed, because quality to friends are better than quantity. 😉


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