When You Think It’s Over . . . and then the shift happens!

        The other night I was thinking about the time when I was made peace about giving up on my degree. At that time most of my fellow classmates had already graduated a year or two before I hit the wall. I felt so behind. My loans could no longer cover my tuition and all the major changes set me back, so I started looking for plan B, C and D. I started looking into physical training certificates and other career schools. I started writing down the things that I was interested in and the price of each program. I came to the conclusion that I was going to go for a physical training and nutrition certificate combo, from this school that specialized in physical training and wellness. I also decided that I wanted to try the dress making and design program from another school (as another option). That was my plan. A couple months later I found another university (that I could afford) and I continued working on my bachelors. Two years later I completed my degree, and another 2.5 years I finished grad school and completed my masters.

        I said all of that to say this: It’s Not Over Yet! Sometimes it feels like things aren’t working out in your favor. Sometimes you feel like giving up. It just feels like it’s never going to happen, and you finally convince yourself to let it go, but that’s usually when another door opens. In that moment when I decided to let go, I would’ve been shocked if someone told me I was not only going to finish my bachelors, but also get a masters. Remembering that moment made me realize that sometimes we get discouraged and feel like what we want to achieve seems impossible, but it all can turn around in an instant. It may feel like it’s over at this moment, but you never know what’s around the corner. Don’t lose hope. Keep going and keep pushing. I can’t speak for others, but the shift would always come once I’ve done all that I could. In multiple situations, the turnaround would happen right when I was about to throw in towel (but that’s only after you’ve done and tried all that you could). Don’t stop until you’ve tried everything, and sooner or later a door will open.


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